CFO – Controller

CFO - Controller

Inefficient Reporting Causing a Bottleneck?
Business is often stalled because of complex reporting and month-end processes while Excel reports become increasingly difficult to manage and lack accountability.  myGPcloud’s on demand accounting solution helps you improve your financial efficiency and integrity with instant accurate and reliable reporting, resource allocation and consolidated financials across your organization.

chart of accounts
Does your current Chart of Accounts constrain you?
You have visions of how a perfect account structure should look, but your software lacks the ability to segregate by department, location, project or line of business.  myGPcloud provides you with well-planned industry-specific charts of accounts that link to prewritten best-practice financial reporting to save you time and energy.  Quickly execute your own vision for your chart with our built in tools or modify what is there to suite your specific needs.
Does the lack of controls and security over your system keep you up at night?
myGPcloud provides very detailed security roles, so you have the precise control over who can see and do what across your accounting system. Highly regulated and publicly traded companies face increasingly complex regulations and security threats. myGPcloud helps you drive accountability with powerful audit trails, access restrictions and risk management, and our experienced support team and secure servers help ensure SOX and FDA CFR Part 11 compliance.

Do you need to get up and running on a fully integrated system quickly with no downtime?
Implementing a new accounting system doesn’t have to become a second job.  Start with our core financial modules and then add components as you need them.  With our 10 steps to success and videos to help you make the transition, you can be up in running in as little as 14 days.  Need to convert data from your existing system?  Connect with our team for fixed packaged pricing that takes the hassle out of data conversion.

As a dedicated organizational leader you are no stranger to starting your day before sunrise and finishing it long after sunset.  myGPcloud delivers deeper financial insights and saves you time with analytical accounting, fixed asset management, revenue and expense deferrals and advanced bank reconciliation.  Now you can manage with speed and financial integrity while driving accountability. Get up and running in minutes with myGPcloud’s simple to learn system and step by step setup instructions for the quickest time to value.  And best of all you can count on predictable monthly costs with no suprises.

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