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myGPcloud professional services software

Need Greater Visibility for improved Budgeting and Planning?
You need full visibility into every part of your business with insight into operational efficiency, risk management and key performance indicators.  myGPcloud helps you manage increasingly complex projects by organizing time, equipment, and employees effectively to meet increased customer demand for accelerated schedules and smaller budgets. Microsoft Dynamics GP’s financial reporting and business intelligence tools allow you to easily create, update, and modify the reports and forms your business needs while providing flexible scheduling and delivery options to publish reports.  Improve budgeting and forecasting with tailored data collection, reporting automation and flexible budgeting processes across the organization.
Need to Maximize Contract Pofitability?
Your firm needs a business management system that enables you to improve profitability through reduced revenue leakage, proactively managed costs and improved accuracy.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud from myGPcloud, get analytics across departments so you can track, monitor, and access data, activities, costs, budgets and billings related to specific contracts.  With the contract management tools inside Dynamics GP you will be able to easily fulfill the most complex contract terms while strategically managing employee resources, tracking a wide range of employee metrics to maximize profitability of each contract.
 currency Need to Improve Cash Flow with Accelerated Billing?
Improve control over strategic decision making and support resources effectively to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. Then, automate the invoicing process to ensure timely, accurate billing and increase cash flow.   myGPcloud can help your receivables department improve profitability with accelerated billing cycles and tailored product and service offerings enabled by simple to customize invoice automation and project costing.  With added agility to automate and tailor your billing process and customize invoices, you will be able to easily handle special and complex contract terms with greater dexterity. What’s more, myGPcloud will enable improved cash flow with collections management automation tools.

Give your team the power it needs to respond to industry pressures and complexities. Automate redundancies and streamline operations so you have more time to focus on the big picture and grow the business.  With a myGPcloud hosted Microsoft Dynamics Life Sciences package you will be up and running in minutes, with simple setup for the fastest time to value and greater return on investment.

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