non profit

Concerned about financial accuracy and integrity?
You and your team work hard to secure precious funding for your non profit organization so wasted money due to inaccuracies and errors is unacceptable.  You need more than an entry level non profit accounting software.  You need a business solution that offers core financial management along with grant management to prevent overspending and commitments management to reduce budget surprises.
reporting Inefficient processes creating bottlenecks?
Serve your community more efficiently with a business solution that helps boost productivity throughout your organization with advanced reporting and consolidated financials to automatically summarize your data, reduce errors and streamline ongoing expense reporting so you can rest assured that your data is up timely and accurate.
 client care Lack of connectivity standing between you and funding?
In an industry that relies on donor funding, your reputation is critical to your success.   Integrate your back office accounting with your existing  donor management,  event planning,  and fundraising software seamlessly with the integration tools in myGPcloud. Banish the manual process of entering data from other systems while eliminating duplicate data entry and improving accuracy and reliability

The community you serve is what inspires you to work long hours. Inspire your team technology that drives creativity through collaboration and simple to use analytics dashboards so you can leave the ordinary behind and do something extraordinary.  With non profit accounting software and resource planning from myGPcloud you will be up and running in minutes with friendly step by step setup for the quickest time to value and high return on investment.

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