Weak or outdated technology creating high overhead?
Your industry demands consistent delivery of quality products at a price that the market can afford.  If using a manufacturing system that is either homegrown or no longer supported keeps you up at night then it is time to convert to a fully integrated cloud system that works seamlessly with Microsoft Office.   With Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing in the cloud you can rest assured that your system is constantly being updated with the latest releases and functionality.
currency Wasting money on inefficient financial processes?
After years of recessions and downturns, you know that every penny counts for your manufacturing company. Losing money and resources to inefficient and redundant process, costly inventory errors, and inaccurate or outdated information is unacceptable.  Get Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing software and enhance your financial processes with automated transactions, payment adjustments and real time intelligence for improved decision making and improved cash management.
 reporting Inefficient processes creating bottlenecks?
These days most manufacturers are trying to achieve lean or mixed-mode operations.  You can manage inventory more effectively and derive deeper insight into distribution and supply chain processes from raw materials to delivery.  Increase productivity across the organization with KPI data, real-time business intelligence and efficiency tools like barcoding and layout optimization for improved accuracy and a more efficient operation.

Manufacturer experience has shown that nothing stays the same.   Give your team the power it needs to respond to industry pressures and complexities. Automate redundancies and streamline operations so you have more time to focus on the big picture and grow the business.  With a myGPcloud hosted Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing package you will be up and running in minutes, with simple setup for the fastest time to value and greater return on investment.

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