Sluggish financial processes killing profitability?
Operating franchises comes with complex financial challenges, so you need the best small business accounting software available.  Cumbersome period closings, inaccurate inventory data, and manual HR and payroll processes are a drain on time and money.  myGPcloud lets you improve cash flow and streamline the entire operation with automated financial processes, consolidated financials, accounts payable and payroll management.
integration Lack continuity throughout your organization?
Streamline your financials and unite your entire operation on a single system of record with user friendly dashboards that deliver multi-entity reporting with full detail of your financial data.  As an on demand cloud based solution, myGPcloud is available from any location with role-based analytics and access restrictions.
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Lack of connectivity standing between you and your customers?
Each franchise location has its own unique challenges and needs a unique management approach.  You can easily achieve insight across your organization with more coordination and connectivity.  Get employee management tools, collaboration tools and communication portals for more cohesive processes and an improved customer experience.

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