chart of accounts Are your Purchase Orders manual or tracked via a spreadsheet?
Your distribution company can’t afford to waste money and resources on inefficient redundant process, inaccurate data and costly supply chain errors.  Purchase orders are easily created, approved, accrued and received within the myGPcloud system.  Microsoft Dynamics GP allows you to define multiple levels of approvers for various sized transactions while giving you the visibility to stay within budget. Get on demand accounting software for business to boost efficiency with automated transaction processing, payment adjustments and real time business intelligence for forward looking insight and improved cash flow.
glass-2 No visibility into inventory turnover?
Achieve lower inventories and increase productivity across the organization with supply chain and inventory management with real-time data and efficiency tools like barcoding and layout optimization for improved accuracy and a total streamlined operation. Reporting is made easy with simple lists that can be exported via Excel for further analysis.  LIFO, FIFO and Weighted Average will no longer be a mystery.
 locations Has your company moved beyond one inventory site, but your software hasn’t?
Gain real-time visibility into all your inventory locations.  Transferring or ordering items per location and visibility across warehouse locations (either physical or virtual), product lines and inventory status are simple tasks within the system.   You can easily achieve enterprise-wide tracking, coordination and better connect with you clients using cloud based distribution management software for more consistency and improved customer experience.
integration Need to integrate your website or other applications into your accounting system?
In a perfect world all your systems should integrate nicely.  Why not begin that process now by using the data integration tools which allow for system validation of data.  Banish the manual process of entering data from other systems while eliminating duplicate data entry and improving accuracy and reliability.

Stimulate collaboration and creativity by giving your people inspiring software with anytime anywhere access.  Gain new confidence in your data, your technology and your team and free up more time so you can focus on leadership and making the decision that matter most.  With myGPcloud’s enterprise planning and on demand accounting software for business, you will be up and running in minutes with a simple to learn system and step by step setup instructions for the quickest time to value.


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