Step 8: Accessing the over 200+ standard reports

In this section we’ll cover the following:

  • Running Reports
  • Specifying Selection Criteria
  • Modifying Reports

Dynamics GP has hundreds of standard reports. Some of those reports are available as SmartLists, and there are many more available from the standard Dynamics GP Report Writer. All GP Report Writer reports can be accessed by navigating to Administration > All Reports List

Standard reports 1

If you know which series your report is located under you can navigate to that module than choose reports to see a list of reports
For example, if you wanted to run an accounts payable aging report, you would navigate as follows: Purchasing >> Reports >> *Trial Balance >> Aged Trial Balance with Options

Standard reports 2

This brings up the report dialog box. See below.

Standard reports 3

Select the specific report you want. In this case I selected the Aged Trial Balance with Options report:

If there is not an Option available, you will need to create one. Click on New. This will pop up the Report Options screen related to the specific report you selected.

The Report Options for each specific report allows you to select which options you want in your report. You can save several options with various selections by naming them. Here’s an option screen for a specific selection for the Aged Trial Balance with Options report:

Standard reports 4

You’ll want to make sure that any selection criteria you specify are inserted into the Restrictions box.

Also check the Report Destination screen by clicking on Destination.

Standard reports 5

If you print to the screen, you can also print to your local printer by clicking Print. The bottom left hand side of your screen should show the templates processing and soon after the report will render with Microsoft Word:

Standard reports 6

Standard reports 7

If you want to have the report appear on your home page, go to the Report Options screen for the specific report and click on My Reports. This will give you the option to change the name of the report if you wish, and will create a link to the report on your home page.

Standard reports 8

There are hundreds of standard reports in Dynamics GP. Try them out and find the ones that will be the most helpful to you.

*”Trial Balance”, really? Yes. That’s what they call the payables aging report; same thing with the receivables aging report.

Take a look at this video to see this in action: Standard Reports in Dynamics GP

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