Step 2: Making it Easy, Quick, and Personal

In this second step we’ll be looking at:

  • Basic navigation and system features
  • Personalizing your Home Page

Dynamics GP has basic navigation and system features that are designed to make you more productive. There are several ways to navigate the system and I wanted to show you some of them.

The basic menu system is arranged by module or series then by the type of process needed. For example if you wanted to create a payables transaction, you would choose the Purchasing series on the navigation menu and then go to Transactions >>Transaction Entry.

Navigation 1

The different types of areas include:

  • Transactions – Transaction data entry windows are in this area
  • Cards – Master records such as accounts, vendors, customers, etc.
  • Reports- Predefined reports such as trial balances, analysis, or posting journal reports
  • Inquiry – Can view any data already entered in the system but can’t edit data
  • Routines – Processes that are regular activities such as year-end close, aging, printing of 1099’s
  • Utilities – Most of the utility functions include fixing issues. Reconciling tables, remove history, etc. Not commonly needed if your function is not the system administrator
  • Setup – Module and system setup. Includes posting setup, account format, fiscal period setup, etc.

Another example: If you want to run a detail general ledger report, you would go to Financial menu: Reports>>Trial Balance.

Here’s the basic menu:

Navigation 2

Navigation 3

Navigation 4

Each module has a shortcuts menu to reporting lists as well.

Navigation 5

In this example you can look at all customers by choosing the customers shortcut on the Sales List menu.

With the Web Client there is currently no way to add to the shortcuts menu but you can use keyboard shortcuts by pressing Control>>Alt>>shortcut key.

Here is a list of shortcut commands from a well know Dynamics GP blogger:

Customizing Your Home Page

In this section we’ll cover the following:

  • Home Page
  • Quick Links
  • My Reports
  • Column Layouts

The full Dynamics GP Client provides several ways that you can personalize the GP Home Page to make it easier and quicker to use GP. After using Dynamics GP for a while you’ll have found your favorite and most useful screens, and reports. You can then personalize the GP Home Page to deliver those items directly to you.

Customizing 1

Currently the Web Client has limited ways to customize the area pages. By choosing the Customize This Page a user can select what options will show up on the page. To manage the reports that are displayed on the Home Page, click on “Customize this page…” in the upper right hand corner. That will bring up the Customize Home Page screen. From here you can access various parts of the Home Page and change them as you wish.

Click on the arrow by “Reports” to access the Reports popup window.

Customizing 2

Quick Links provides an easy way to make specific screens in Dynamics GP and external documents and files quickly available to you.

You can access the Quick Links Details screen from the Customize Home Page screen:

Customizing 3

Click on the “Add” button to add items to your Quick Links area on your Home Page. You can add a Dynamics GP screen, web page, or external file (e.g. Excel, Word, PDF). If you select to add a Dynamics GP screen, the Add Command screen will open and present you with a graphical display of the basic navigation menu, from which you can find and select the Dynamics GP screen you want to add.

Customizing 4

When you’ve completed managing the Quick Links area on your Home Page, click OK.

You may want to refresh the Home Page by clicking on another navigation menu and then selecting Home again.

Customizing 5

I like the way the Web Client Many of the system functions are found under the Administration area page.

Take a look at these videos to see this in action: Basic Navigation and System Features and Customizing Your Home Page

Next we’ll take a look at setting up Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.

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