Step 2: Making it Easy, Quick, and Personal – Part II

Customizing Your Home Page

In this section we’ll cover the following:

  • Metrics
  • Quick Links
  • My Reports
  • Shortcuts

Dynamics GP provides several ways that you can personalize the GP Home Page to make it easier and quicker to use GP. After using Dynamics GP for a while you’ll have found your favorite and most useful screens, and reports. You can then personalize the GP Home Page to deliver those items directly to you.

To manage the metrics that are displayed on the Home Page, click on “Customize this page…” in the upper right hand corner. That will bring up the Customize Home Page screen. From here you can access various parts of the Home Page and change them as you wish.

Click on the arrow by “Metrics” to access the Metrics Details screen.

All the available metrics are displayed in the left area of this screen. To make an available metric show up on your Home Page, highlight it in the left area of this screen and click on “Insert”. You can easily remove a metric from your Home Page by highlighting the metric in the right area of the screen and clicking on “Remove”. When you’ve completed identifying the metrics to show on your Home Page; click on OK.

To view the various metrics on your Home Page, click on either the forward or back scroll buttons.

Quick Links provides an easy way to make specific screens in Dynamics GP and external documents and files quickly available to you.

You can access the Quick Links Details screen from the Customize Home Page screen, or by clicking on the pencil icon in the Quick Links header bar (hover over the area to display the icon):

Click on the “Add” button to add items to your Quick Links area on your Home Page. You can add a Dynamics GP screen, web page, or external file (e.g. Excel, Word, PDF). If you select to add a Dynamics GP screen, the Add Command screen will open and present you with a graphical display of the basic navigation menu, from which you can find and select the Dynamics GP screen you want to add.

When you’ve completed managing the Quick Links area on your Home Page, click OK.

You may want to refresh the Home Page by clicking on the Refresh button in the upper right hand area of the Home Page.

The My Reports area of the Dynamics GP Home Page allows you to list your favorite reports, he reports that you go to on a regular basis. The best way to add standard reports to the My Reports area, is to navigate to the Report Dialog screen for the specific report you wish to include. Select the report Option you want to include, and click on “Modify”. This will open the Report Options screen for that report. Click on the My Reports button, select the default name or enter an optional name. Click OK, and you’re done. Refresh the Home Page to see the new listing in the My Reports area of the Home Page.

Shortcuts provides a way that you can add your own menu system to Dynamics GP. You can add folders, Dynamic GP screens, external files, and SmartLists.

To add an item, right click on Home or another folder, and select “Add”. Select the item type you want to add.

If you add a folder, you will have the opportunity to name the folder. If you select to add a window, the Add Window Shortcut screen will open. Select the product, series, and screen you want to add. You can overwrite the name of the shortcut if you wish.

Take a look at this video to see this in action: Personalizing Your Dynamics
GP Home Page

Next we’ll take a look at setting up Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.

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