Step 10: Creating Custom Financial Statements using Management Reporter (MR)

In this section we’ll cover the following:

  • Report Wizard
  • Report Components
  • Pre-designed reports by myGPcloud

Management Reporter is an excellent financial reporting tool. It reports on the general ledger actual amounts and budget amounts. You will want to use Management Reporter to create your financial statements.

A good way to get started is to use the Report Wizard to create your first reports. The report Wizard will easily create a report for you that you can use as-is, or customize as you wish.

To start the Report Wizard, click on the icon in the tool bar.

Select the type of report you want, and the Budget book code if applicable.

You can use GL account codes or GL account types to identify which accounts you want in each report section of your report. Select the Report Section and then the account(s) you want in that section.

Reorder or edit your report sections if you’d like.

Format and preview your report.

You can select to create a summary report or a separate report for various departments or business units in your organization.

Name your report and then generate it. You can select to print he report right now if you want.

Your report will now be accessible from the Reports Definition tab.

You can easily access each of the three components of a Management Reporter report from the tool bar at the top of the report, or in the report definition itself. The three components are Row, Column, and Tree.

Important note: In your balance sheet report you will want to include all profit and loss accounts in your Net Income (Loss) line of your report.

You can easily copy and rename reports to create variations on your standard reports. The report wizard is a good way to create your initial reports, or you can just dive in and start creating reports.

Take a look at this video to see this in action: Management Reporter


In order to get you up and running quickly, we have supplied several standard Management Reporter reports with your system. The following reports based upon the pre-defined chart of accounts have been created for you:

  • Detailed and Summary Balance Sheet
  • Detailed and Summary Income Statement with % of Sales
  • Trial Balance

View this video to see more information about these: Management Reporter

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