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Growing Small Business | BI, the cloud and why they matter

What are the real cost benefits of moving to the cloud, and what’s so great about the cloud for a growing small business? Is business intelligence really better in the cloud? Does the cloud really matter when it comes to business intelligence? Using the cloud to power business intelligence and other critical apps often allows […]

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Payroll software for small business and growth

What happens when payroll software for small business does not support long term growth? Small business payroll software is a critical part of growth strategy. This list will help small businesses understand small business payroll software growth requirements. Payroll software for small business and growth

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3 ways to make lean planning better for small businesses

There are ways to make lean planning work better for small businesses. Almost by definition, a small business is generally a lean operation. However, if the business owner and top managers are working sixty or seventy hours a week, that isn’t really lean.  It’s just painful. Looking for new software? Check out this article, Payroll Software for Small […]

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Accounting Apps Online | ERP for all Business Sizes

With the trend toward mobility snowballing every year, being successful and maintaining an advantage in rapidly changing business landscape requires the responsive business processes and systems that only cloud based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) can deliver. If you are new to ERP,  pre-configured cloud accounting apps online are a simple way to get started.  If […]

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Complete non profit management software in the cloud | VIDEO

Non profit organizations have to run lean operations in order to better serve their mission.  Many non profits will turn to technology to help streamline their operations, but with limited resources charitable organizations do not often have the budgets to support enterprise level technology.  With cloud computing non profits can find affordable solutions to power […]

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Support Future Technology Needs – Considerations for Choosing ERP 7

Choose a business solution that consistently delivers innovation and agility to adapt and support future technology needs. When you’ve outgrown your entry-level accounting software, your new cloud based business management solution is going to radically shape the future of you company.  As the rate of change in business and technology speeds up, planning for the […]

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How Santa Could Use Cloud Computing

It’s hard to turn a profit at the North Pole, maybe impossible.  So it would make sense that Santa’s Workshop would be a Non-Profit, even if there is no North Pole tax board to worry about.  But in order to operate with the kind of high efficiency that he does, Santa probably leverages a cloud […]

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WPC Mobility and Semiconductors

Worldwide semiconductor revenue will see a 6.7 percent increase in 2014 over the previous year for a total $336 billion according to Gartner. In the previous quarter in 2014, Gartner forecasted only 5.4 growth in the sector, but as the semiconductor industry showed sequential growth in the second quarter that outpaced expectations the firm has […]

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