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Cash Flow Management for Manufacturing – Cash Rules All

Support your mission critical operations, turn margins into cash and create a more sustainable operation with cash flow management in a cloud based environment. US manufacturing has seen steady growth in the last four years thanks to low wage growth, sustained productivity gains, stable exchange rates, and a big energy-cost advantage, according to an article […]

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client care professional services video case study capture

Client care professional services video case study

Client care depends on client data. Nobody knows this better than organizations that work in the professional services industry.  Check out this professional services video case study to see how Servcorp is able to deliver superior customer care with a technology platform built on Microsoft Dynamics. “Client information is really the key to success within […]

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Sunk Costs and Expected Returns

Sunk costs and expected returns are two subjects that come up quite often in business. They’re also two subjects that are frequently analyzed inaccurately. Sunk costs relate to unrecoverable costs that have been invested in a project. They may have value and may still provide a return. But the mistake that business people can make is […]

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ERP Implementation Success

      ERP implementation success is attainable. It’s just not as easy as one might think. Eric Kimberling, in his post at identifies three key things you can do to help your ERP implementation project succeed: Clearly define success – It’s pretty normal that when an organization evaluates a project to implement  a new ERP […]

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ERP Systems Integration

      Most businesses have multiple systems they use to run their business. This becomes problematic when disparate systems cause these types of problems: Duplicative data entry Different versions of the ”truth” Missing data in one system or the other General chaos So what can you do? People have generally chosen specific systems because […]

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