Mid-sized Business

midsize biz

Gain Greater Visibility across Your Organization
Since you started your business, market demands have shifted, technology has taken leaps and bounds, you have expanded your operation.  These days keeping track of all the moving targets is more than you can handle with just your brain and a spreadsheet.  You need greater visibility into corporate performance to support stronger decision making that continues to grow the business through expansion, acquisition and new lines of business. Microsoft Dynamics GP from myGPcloud delivers forecasting tools that help you control, predict and monitor cash flow.  Automate routine and complex tasks and get analytical accounting for improved financial control along with business intelligence across the organization for greater insight into operational efficiency, risk management, performance, materials management and changing customer demands.
Gain Greater Control of Your Compliance and Security
You got where you are today using entry level accounting software, but since opening your doors your process and financials have become drastically more complex.  New and stricter regulations seem to crop up every day.  Regulatory compliance issues can make or break your entire operation and suddenly you are no longer confident that your basic accounting solution and Excel spreadsheets can support compliance and security. Microsoft Dynamics GP supports unlimited users with role based access restrictions for improved accountability and reliable in depth audit trails.  Full detailed audit reports give you confidence your company is compliant across the entire organization.  Plus with two secure and compliant data centers and a dedicated compliance and security team, myGPcloud is uniquely positioned to serve publicly traded companies and heavily regulated industries for a variety of regulatory compliance needs.
reporting Move Away from Basic Accounting and Support Growth
You grew your business with basic accounting software, Excel, and bolted-on 3rd party solutions, but now you need to add multiple locations, a bigger staff and new lines of business.  Suddenly reporting and period closings are draining countless hours with redundant data entry and complicated consolidations.  Your business is simply too big for entry level software.  Microsoft Dynamics GP from myGPcloud can quickly and painlessly get you moving on a full scale enterprise resource planning solution with consolidated reporting across locations, multi-currency accounting, plus warehousing and supply chain management across departments and entities.  Add unlimited users and give them real-time business intelligence catered to their needs for improved efficiency.


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