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existing gp cusotmer

currency Stay Current on the Latest Software without the Hassle and Expense
Small and mid-size organizations face an increasingly competitive market and staying current with the latest version of business software is necessary to keep pace with competitors.  But when your Microsoft Dynamics GP package stops being supported after a few years, the hassle and expense of investing in an upgrade might not be within budget.  myGPcloud offers Dynamics GP customers the option of going cloud with automatic updates at no additional cost.

Eliminate Annual Software Maintenance Fees
You have maintained and operated your Microsoft Dynamics GP on-premise for years, but now you do business in a cloud-first, mobile-first world.  Paying thousands of dollars every year for your enhancement plan to keep up with hotfixes, upgrades and enhancemnets so that your on-premise system stays up-to-date no longer makes sense with your new lean business model.  myGPcloud delivers the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP with no annual maintenance fees, giving you automatic access to all enhancements and upgrades with per-user monthly pricing.
client care Expand and Contract Users as Needed for Optimal ROI
Whether you are a growing operation, a seasonal operation or scaling down your business, expanding and reducing your staff on your on-premise Microsoft Dynamics GP solution can be costly and time consuming.  You need improved agility so you can respond to market fluctuations and seasonal changes more quickly and stay ahead of your competition.  With myGPclouds per-user per-month pricing model you can easily scale your staff up or down with user role based analytics dashboards and user access restrictions so  your people get the information they need to do their jobs safely and securely, anytime, anywhere.


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