Distribution Suite – $195 per user/per month


As a distributor your face a diverse set of challenges and you need technology that enables you to face them head on. You can reduce time-to-market and improve control of your entire supply chain by using integrated systems that link functions across your organization. Microsoft Dynamics® GP’s cutting-edge supply chain and financial management features can help you connect customer requirements with product design, work better with business partners, and better track workflow across, purchasing, finance, sales, and distribution.

  • Tighten connections with customers and suppliers. These days customers and business partners expect to be able to connect with your business anytime, anywhere.  Make it easy for them to do business with you by implementing customer portals and Microsoft Business Portal. Give your people current, reliable information, and make important business applications always available.
  • Improve warehouse operations. Get faster, more efficient picking and more effective, dependable management of warehouse locations with Microsoft Dynamics® GP.   With myGPcloud you get rapid, cost-effective shipping and improved picklist features in Microsoft Dynamics GP to provide visibility into component inventory, as well as greater flexibility to create and make changes to manufacturing orders.
  • Improve distribution and manage your returns process more flexibly. Microsoft Dynamics GP can improve productivity for employees creating and handling Return Materials Authorization (RMA) and Return to Vendor (RTV) transactions.


Distribution Suite at $195 per user/per month includes unlimited read and write capabilities for the following modules.

For users who need “Read Only” access to the solution, Limited User licenses are available at $50 per user/per month.

Core pricing includes: One Rich Client User, each additional user is web client. What’s the difference between Rich Client and Web Client?


Distribution Modules:


Improve invoicing efficiency with capabilities that include single-window entry for all vital information, batch processing, and easy return transaction processing.

Sales Order Processing w/ Advanced Invoicing

Streamline and automate the entire sales ording process to serve top customers more effectively, maintain tight control over fulfillment and invoicing, and minimize shipping and labor costs.

Extended Pricing

Create flexible pricing options and rules for customers, including standard and personalized percentage-off, value-off, and net pricing options. Implement date-sensitive functionality for sales and promotions.

Order Management

Inventory Control

By controlling inventory effectively and setting prices on a customer-by-customer basis, you can reduce operating costs and achieve the fast, efficient fulfillment that keeps them coming back.

Bill of Materials

Increase productivity with fast, flexible tracking of components and subassemblies used in light manufacturing and similar production and assembly operations.

Purchase Order Processing/Receiving

Manage vital commitments and build lasting vendor relationships with deep functionality that includes automated purchasing and approval processes, flexible extended pricing, and blanket purchase orders.

Landed Cost

Ensure start-to-finish accuracy with the ability to track and update the total cost associated with an inventory item – including freight, insurance, and duties – and then automatically assign or modify these costs on a purchase order as items are received.

PO Generator

Automate purchasing by generating a suggested purchase order, with order point or minimum/maximum settings that determine quantities needed based on purchasing, sales, and inventory data.

Advanced Distribution

Maintain tight, efficient control over your distribution channels by harnessing sales fulfillment workflow, reducing data entry, and providing better access to information.

Available To Promise

Help ensure the right inventory is available at the right time to meet customer needs, make firm delivery promises, and boost profitability

Returns Management

Meet Customer, vendor, and business requirements with automated returns processing, accurate crediting for sales invoices and returns management authorizations, and efficient transfer of returned items to the main warehouse.

Advanced Picking

Tailor picking routines to meet your individual site’s business requirements, bin or bay sequence, or method of operation.

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