Business Analyzer + SSRS Reports – $50 per month


Advanced Reporting


Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services, commonly known as SSRS Reporting, is a very effective reporting tool that works with Microsoft Dynamics GP.SRRS helps organizations strike a perfect balance between data integrity and accessibility to reports. This tool allows you to create secure reports that are accessible with read-only privileges to your employees, partners, contractors, or even prospects all from a web browser.

SSRS is a quick and simple way to add flexibility to Dynamics GP reporting by giving you the power to share only the data you want to share with the people to whom you want to share it, and the data cannot be modified when viewing the SSRS report.

myGPcloud offers predefined SSRS reports so you can generate in depth Dynamics GP reports without having to rely on a consultant to build them, and you can easily make basic modifications and changes to SSRS. For more in depth customizations or modifications to SSRS, myGPcloud will put you in contact with a qualified Microsoft Dynamics GP consultant to guide you through the process.

With the Business Analyzer app you can quickly and easily view and interact with your favorite charts and reports, including SSRS reports, from anywhere anytime, without having to log on to the Dynamics GP solution.Support greater decision making and collaboration with role-tailored analytics and pre-configured insights that can be turned into compelling PowerPoint presentations with just a few clicks.

Download the Business Analyzer app for your tablet, phone or other mobile devices including iPhone and iPad, and it instantly connects to your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution.

Pre-configured, role tailored experience that you can personalize for your needs helps you find business insights fast.

Interact with and explore business data from Microsoft Dynamics GP reports with a pre-configured and connected experience.

Collaborate with others through real-time communication or by sharing a snapshot.


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