Increase Small Business Employee Productivity, Still be a “cool boss”

To increase small business employee productivity SMB owners and managers don’t have to sacrifice their relationships with employees.  You can get the most out of your team and still be a cool boss.

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“At a small business, everyone is that much more important; you’re a bigger piece of the pie,” says Dawn Fay, with staffing firm Robert Half in a recent article at

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The SmallBizTrends article offers these five tips to help keep employees happy and productive:

  1. Take the time and effort to hire the right people for the right jobs.
  2. Offer great benefits like a flexible work schedule, vision and dental coverage.
  3. Leverage recognition programs such as employee of the month to help boost morale and encourage healthy competition.
  4. Create connections through social media and company activities.
  5. Really listen to employee suggestions and let them know you appreciate their input

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Payroll costs are one of the biggest challenges to healthy cash flow for SMBs, and the smaller the business the more impact employee performance has on the bottom line.  Balancing productivity and a lean payroll budget while keeping your employees happy is tricky under any conditions. When technology systems aren’t meeting your needs, that balance becomes more than a little tricky to achieve, which may negatively impact profitability.

With the right technology in place, small businesses can better address employee productivity and employee satisfaction. Through automation and anywhere, anytime access, SMB owners can free up time to work toward the goals listed in the five tips above.  Plus they will be giving their team the right tools and connecting them to the right data for their roles.

Let’s face it—cool bosses offer their employees cool tech.

Of course, if you’re like most SMB owners you don’t always have the time or resources to manage and maintain complex IT systems. You can simplify IT management with a cloud technology platform and reduce server hardware costs, cut training costs, and boost productivity.  And the best part is, your cloud provider will manage, maintain and secure your critical cloud apps and data as part of your subscription pricing model, so you can rest easy when you take your next company picnic to a new level of awesome.

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With remote access to data systems you can offer your employees more flexible schedules by allowing them to occasionally work from home. A trusted SMB cloud provider can enable telecommuting capabilities for businesses so you and your employees can securely access important LOB applications from anywhere or any device.  And SMB owners are able to review and approve transactions, and stay connected while they are on the go. If you are curious to see a cloud accounting app in action, choose one of the suites on this free ERP cloud trial page.

However, as we learned in the five tips above from SmallBizTrends, tech is only one piece. Boosting employee efficiency is about engaging people and building friendly, collaborative working environments to better maintain employee morale and keep everyone on track together.

Your technology is the toolset you use to build that environment so you can increase small business employee productivity and still maintain your “cool boss” credit.

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