Using cloud software for Small Business Owners

Cloud software for small business owners is here to stay and SMBs are working in new ways to go lean and grow.

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Cloud software for small business owners

using cloud software for small business ownersSmall business owners are finding new ways to connect with customers and keep their team informed with real-time business intelligence.  

As the boundaries of the workplace stretch beyond the physical world, there is an increased demand for collaboration tools like shared calendars, role-based data in real-time and integration to other software like social, email and customer relationship management.

So why the increase in demand?

In large part it is because in recent years cloud computing has enabled small business owners to access new kinds of technology that either hadn’t existed before or was previously too costly and too bulky for SMBs to maintain.

Another reason is that the increasing cost of doing business has forced businesses of all sizes to adopt lean models.  Plus, the growing number of regulatory requirements imposed on small business owners makes business more complex than ever.

Under these conditions small businesses that thrive are those who are able to enable a lean, productive workforce through simple technology that delivers accurate timely information, better communication and anytime-anywhere secure access. If you are interested in a trying out powerful but simple software, you can use a secure SMB accounting app for a 30-day test drive with this free small business accounting software trial.

How Small Business Owners are using Cloud

Outgrowing QuickBooksIt is increasingly common to see SMBs leverage remote collaboration tools in order to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction through expedited ordering, approvals and billing.
  • Access and edit the latest invoices, purchase orders, timesheets and other critical information.
  • Utilize virtual conference rooms features such as live chat.
  • Experience seamless functionality across devices and OS systems.
  • Gain the added security, risk management and backup & restore power of a secure hosting environment

More Personal Time

Small business owners are no strangers to long days and endless work weeks, but they shouldn’t have to completely sacrifice their personal lives.  Secure mobile access allows SMB owners to stay connected to the business from virtually anywhere so they are more efficient and save more time.

Who knows, with the right cloud solution, small business owners might even be able to see a movie on a week night or catch one extra little league game next season.

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