Is financial information security for Small Businesses possible?

Don’t worry. Financial information security for small business is only protecting your entire organization from failure.
information security for small business

Simplified information security for Small Businesses

It may be possible to leverage the cloud in order simplify IT management with a single cloud platform, but many would say that sounds a lot like putting all your eggs in one basket.

The reality is that keeping all of your software in house is closer to the single-basket philosophy than cloud. A cloud provider will spread your data out across multiple secure data storage locations for maximum redundancy. Plus, built-in security features and privacy will be baked into any cloud offering that is worth considering.

Truthfully the cloud can help you reduce your company’s risk and better protect your data with physical and virtual security including access control, encryption, and authentication. If you are interested in business systems, check out this article Payroll Software for Small Business and Growth »

Security that never sleeps

The best security is the security you never hear about.  Why? Because not hearing about it means there are no breaches, failures or leaks in you system.  Choose an accounting solution that simplifies information security for your business by including protection against spamware and malware in the monthly pricing.  When you choose an online accounting software provider who specializes in security and compliance you can rest easy.

As a small business owner your time is better spent focused on growing the business and innovating news ways of satisfying customers and inspiring employees.  That’s hard to do when you are consuming your time worrying about data, uptime, security and support for employees and customers.

Mobile sign-on should not be a risk

Ok, so you have probably heard how mobility has gone from being a competitive advantage to a business essential as more people do work from their tablets and phones. But what does that mean for your small business? How does mobility translate to profitability and growth.

Enabling easy remote access to business applications like accounting and CRM, while keeping your data protected on the device of your choice allows you to engage your employees from your home office and vice versa.  Imagine the efficiency gains you can achieve when you and your employees are able to access your business software where, when and how you do your best work. On top improving efficiency you will have more time for your personal life which drives productivity and fuels inspiration.  Happy people are productive people.

Just be sure your cloud mobility solution offers remote data wipe and powerful encryption features to protect your data wherever work takes you and your team.

Downtime is an antiquated concept

In the early days of cloud computing there were many fears around uptime and bandwidth.  These days we’ve come to realize that uptime actually improves when you move systems to the cloud.

Not to mention a top-tier cloud solution provider will offer greater system reliability than most on premises systems.  Also a good cloud provider offers standard money-back uptime guarantees, 24/7 support, and backup and disaster recovery policies that exceed industry standards.

A modern cloud solution will have built-in resiliency and recovery capabilities from server to business applications.

Who needs a mop when you can prevent the mess from ever happening?

A cloud business solution that is doing its job as it should, will give you the resources you need to plan ahead and prepare for the unexpected.  With the growth of big data, analytics and social integration, software has become a lot better at predictive analysis.  The right products are able to present that information in intuitive analytics dashboards so you make fast decisions and improve planning for fewer problems and mistakes.

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