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With the trend toward mobility snowballing every year, being successful and maintaining an advantage in rapidly changing business landscape requires the responsive business processes and systems that only cloud based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) can deliver. If you are new to ERP,  pre-configured cloud accounting apps online are a simple way to get started.  If you are an existing ERP user and want to scale down your existing system or bring and old version up to date quickly, an on-demand version of that product in the cloud is definitely a strong option.

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There are various packages and prices for a few accounting apps online that are preconfigured for a few different of roles and industries.  Check out some of the Microsoft Solutions on the Microsoft Dynamics GP Online Accounting page.

With enterprise accounting apps online, you can get the data they need—whenever and wherever you need it.  Get the power of enterprise software at price mom-and-pops can afford. If you are interested in a trying out powerful but simple software, you can use a secure SMB accounting app for a 30-day test drive with this free small business accounting software trial.

Faster ROI, less downtime

Large-scale, big-budget, high-stress implementations are a thing of the past.  You don’t need a team of engineers to deploy and maintain ERP.  With a cloud provider delivering support and maintenance, small business like you can now get their hands on a flexible platform that allows you to start small with what you need and gives you room to easily adapt the software as your needs change.  Change doesn’t have to come with a huge amount of additional training and costs or related business disruptions. Even business software is becoming consumer driven with intuitive interfaces.

New to ERP?

Outgrowing QuickBooksOnly myGPcloud can offer on-demand Microsoft ERP that can be set up in a few minutes so you can start loading your data right away.  With one of myGPcloud’s Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting apps online you can:

  • Grow efficiently – Use technology to reduce costs and be a real enabler of your business growth.
  • Safeguard your business – Keep your data protected and be prepared for the unexpected, so you know your business never misses a beat.
  • Do business anywhere – get the benefits of a productive mobile team that can work together, regardless of their location.
  • Connect with customers – Gain the competitive advantage of understanding your customers and making meaningful connections to build long-term relation

Current Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer?

If you are a current on premise Dynamics GP customer, only myGPcloud offers turn-key Microsoft Dynamics GP cloud solutions.  This flexible, and trusted GP services delivers the full version of Microsoft Dynamics GP from core accounting to distribution and manufacturing.  myGPcloud  safeguards your business with systems that protect your data and spot concerns before they become problems.

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