Rise of Cloud Applications for Small Businesses

Cloud applications for small businesses worth pausing to think aboutInvestment in cloud computing for enterprise continues to rise as cloud implementation is increasing flexibility, innovation and responsiveness according to a recent IDG survey report.

Using cloud applications for small businesses allows SMBs take advantage of enterprise applications that provide flexibility, mobility and powerful analytics to drive growth.

While concerns about cloud security are still the top issue during an implementation, upfront cost savings on enterprise applications such as ERP continue to drive adoption.  However there are more reasons motivating businesses to adopt cloud software.

Here are some additional key findings from the IDG study:

  • Cloud computing implementation is increasing IT flexibility, innovation and responsiveness.
  • Cloud investments continue to rise and enterprise organizations are investing significantly more than SMBs.
  • Over half of companies are still identifying IT operations that could move to the cloud, however more than one-third have already identified their operations.
  • IT must be involved in the cloud purchase selection as cloud related projects return to IT ownership due to lack of skill sets and security.
  • Both public and private cloud service providers must create and communicate security policies to be considered a valued partner.
  • Consistent performance and availability must be a key attribute for vendor solutions.

Outgrowing QuickBooksWhile enterprises undertaking huge cloud implementation projects, SMBs should look for turnkey business solutions that allow you to get on-demand access to analytics and other powerful accounting, reporting and planning tools.

Software as a Service or SaaS applications allow businesses to implement these powerful solutions without having the IT burden of maintaining and managing them.

Learn more about how cloud business management is changing the game in this article and video.

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