The Secret to IT Success for SMBs

41464393_lThe world is rapidly changing and small businesses are now able to tap into data and process automation technology that a few years ago would have been unavailable to even the largest enterprises.  The secret to IT success for SMBs is in the cloud.

The cloud supports on demand accounting software and management solutions that enable the smallest businesses to affordably connect people, processes, and systems all from one place.  Business can eliminate several disparate solutions and underpowered accounting software with an on demand ERP solution that is easy to use and quick to set up.

One business ones solution

Imagine how much easier it could be to manage your business when your calendar, email, and other efficiency tools work together with a more powerful accounting solution. You can now break down the walls between data and people to get more work done with one unified user experience across departments with the tools you need to manage finances, supply chain, and operations.

Get everything you need to work where you’re needed most

Business doesn’t stop because you’re on the road or working from home. Get a 360 degree view of your business that enables your people to work from anywhere and on the devices they prefer. Using Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM and Office 365 together you can monitor your business, collaborate on documents, and enter and approve transactions from your desktop, tablet, or phone.  Now that’s moving forward with technology.

Support your growth ambitions

With a more scalable solution that is backed by a leading provider of hosting compliance and security you will be able to grow and move to the next level of production without scaling your IT or accounting departments, with powerful automation tools and business intelligence that enables insightful decision making.  Subscription licensing allows you to affordably and easily grow and shrink your staff according to seasonality without suffering the loss of software licensing fees.

The secret to IT success for SMBs is no secret.  It’s in the cloud.  Check out this video to see how a business is able to achieve that success or choose a free on-demand ERP trial option to see for yourself.

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