SMB CIOs use Cloud to Drive Success

26954842_lBeyond reducing costs and increasing flexibility, the cloud is enabling SMBs to re-imagine the way they do business.  And it is allowing IT departments to re-imagine the way they do their jobs, delivering rich, humanized experiences, self-service information and a faster more mobile more connected suite of products.  A lot has been said about the changing role of CIOs as a side effect of the cloud.  But what if CIOs proactively changed their role for themselves in order to make cloud work for their business.

So how do SMB CIOs use cloud to drive success?  Here are three ways:

Faster and easier deployment

As business requirements change so do IT needs.  Because the cloud enables software like Microsoft Dynamics GP to see faster release schedules new demands are being met all the time.  Your job as an IT professional is to support the business through technology and meets its needs to drive growth and profitability.  Faster easier deployments and trending technology allow you to anticipate the needs of your business unit and proactively keep your suite of technology up to date, and ahead of the curve.

Empower a mobile workforce

Mobility is perhaps the most significant advancement in SMB IT in the past couple of decades.  The cloud allows a widespread workforce to connect on a single environment and it allows IT leaders to better keep track of systems across departments and geography.  Using mobile solutions to drive new ideas, collaboration and greater efficiency should be driven by the IT department.

Business Impact

Outgrowing QuickBooksIT is no longer in the position where technicians spend all their time time and resources to maintain the status quo.  IT pros are now able to use these cloud-based technologies to drive business impact inside HR departments, eliminate inefficiencies in accounting and to drive profitability by helping sales and marketing teams to find new channels and connect with new customers.

Learn more about how cloud business management is changing the game in this article and video.


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