Private cloud based small business apps and the war of Cloud giants

On-going changes in competition for the public cloud space create paradoxical relationships between the big providers while SMBs turn to private cloud based small business apps to support mission critical processes.


The public cloud space is seeing fierce competition as Microsoft Azure and Amazon go toe-to-toe for cloud dominance.  But today’s customers demand a wide variety of options and are increasingly adopting multi-cloud approaches with subscriptions to more than one service.

In order to maintain a competitive edge with its Windows OS and some of its applications, Microsoft is changing its traditionally closed-off approach to embrace multiple platforms including its major competitors’ according to a recent article at TechTarget.

Despite growing collaboration between the big cloud providers a war for cloud reign continues to be waged.  However this war is not a price war as much of the hype would suggest, but a turf war, according to 451 Research.

“If you believe the hype, public cloud providers are in a cutthroat price war and ‘race to the bottom,’ where margins are being slashed, and profitability is at risk,” said Owen Rogers, senior analyst at 451 Research’s Digital Economics Unit. “The reality is there is no cloud price war. There are battles being fought over certain cloud services, particularly compute, where providers are seeking publicity and market share in return for price cuts.”

While the titans of public cloud continue to take pot shots at each other and at the same time collaborate with each other, a growing number of small businesses are turning to cloud hosting providers where they receive personalized service, secure environments and cloud based small business apps that are easy to use and maintained by a third party expert.

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