Successful digital transformation for small businesses

Many small businesses use multiple disparate software solutions to track financials, inventory, customer information and orders.  Using Excel spreadsheets, entry level accounting software and 3rd party software without integration may work ok, but it is inefficient, less accurate and creates unnecessary manual and paper processes.  But digital transformation for small businesses can ultimately save time and money and drive growth.

“In this day and age if you’re not dealing digitally, you’re not keeping up with the times,” said Thomas Blumenthal, President and CEO of GEARYS, an 85-year-old luxury retailer.  “If you don’t have the right information at the moment you need it you’re handicapped.”

Check out this video to see how GEARYS uses Microsoft Dynamics GP to track all of its data in one place.

“You can’t grow and keep you records on paper. You need to make one voice.  You need to have one place where you’re keeping all of that information,” said Mary Donahue director of web operations. “Microsoft Dynamics GP obviously keeps track of everything that we do. It keeps track of our inventory.  It keeps track of our clients.  It keeps track of our orders.”

Learn more about cloud accounting software that goes beyond QuickBooks or choose a software trial option and take the software for a 30 test drive to see how it can help standardize distribution data.

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