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Successful digital transformation for small businesses

Many small businesses use multiple disparate software solutions to track financials, inventory, customer information and orders.  Using Excel spreadsheets, entry level accounting software and 3rd party software without integration may work ok, but it is inefficient, less accurate and creates unnecessary manual and paper processes.  But digital transformation for small businesses can ultimately save time […]

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Consolidating financials for multiple locations and entities

Growth is great, but rapid expansion can create complicated financial processes.  Small businesses often start out using entry level accounting software such as QuickBooks.  As they grow through expansion and acquisition, taking on new locations and new lines of business, these businesses start to experience performance issues with their accounting software and Excel reporting processes. […]

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Choosing online software for small business owners

Many small businesses continue to struggle with their finances, keeping track of their data with entry-level accounting software, Excel spreadsheets and even pen and pad. You may be able to get by with this method, but doing so creates a significant bottleneck in processes, especially during month-end closings.  With more sophisticated accounting software for small […]

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Must have functionality for Project Accounting Software online

Whether you are a growing frim just starting out, or an established, project-based small business you need software that goes beyond QuickBooks or other entry-level accounting software. As you grow your portfolio the need to improve control over strategic decision making and support resources effectively becomes exponentially more important with each new project. To ensure […]

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Standardizing distribution data without growing IT

When a Fortune 1000 company is able to access 10-percent more data, they earn an additional income of $65.7 million on average, according to an infographic at  But many small and mid-sized businesses lack the resources to tap into their data with meaningful results. Distributors in particular stand to benefit from meaningful analytics, according […]

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