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What to consider about project accounting software online for SMBs

Whether you are a technology consultant, financial services firm or contractor, projects are what drive your business.  Everyone knows that even projects that seem like a sure thing can come apart because of cash flow problems or other accounting hurdles.  But sophisticated project accounting software online is available to growing firms, even those with limited […]

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Improve reporting and paperwork processes for small business

For many small and mid-sized businesses, operations are often stalled due of complex reporting and mountains of paperwork as Excel reports become increasingly difficult to manage and lack accountability. In fact, about one-third of small businesses say that managing paperwork is a top accounting challenge.  To improve reporting processes and streamline paperwork management using technology […]

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How to improve collections management for small business

Best practices to improve collections management among small and midsized businesses (SMBs) can be easily achieved by defining processes and applying the right software tools. Cash flow management can make or a break a small business, yet it remains a top challenge for many small businesses.  Accounts receivable collections is the top business challenge for 51-percent […]

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