Plan smarter with online software for Franchises

With simple to use business intelligence and accounting online software for franchises, small businesses drive growth.

You know you need full scale enterprise planning when your entry level accounting software and homegrown spreadsheets become more of a burden than a solution.  Or maybe you’ve been down the QuickBooks road before an want to skip the basic accounting step and move right into a simple-to-use enterprise resource planning solution.  No doubt you are already using some version of Microsoft Office to run your business, so it would make sense for you to at least consider Microsoft Dynamics ERP.  To help you learn a little bit more about Dynamics GP we created a series of blog posts on why businesses choose Dynamics.  We decided to create this special installment to the series with a focus on franchise businesses and how they can get more value out their data with the right solution.

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Plan smarter with online software for Franchises – Look to the future, not the past

If you track inventory, payroll, sales and finances in multiple systems, you are probably spending a lot of unnecessary time and resources manually entering redundant data and your planning decisions aren’t backed with confidence that you can get from accurate real-time data.  During your next audit, will you be able to simply and easily prepare proper reporting and documentation?  Taxes and tax rules will only grow in complexity as time goes on and it is simply no longer possible to stay competitive when you are guiding your business with historical information and the numbers you keep in your head or in Excel.

However with a modern franchise software solution in place you can make proactive and predictive business decisions with simple to understand business intelligence and save time with built-in workflows for automated processes.  With the power of intelligent data just a click or tap away, your entire franchise organization is better equipped to help you plan for the future and avoid problems before they happen.

With compliance backstops and the power to take your franchise business from start up through to multi-entity organization, myGPcloud is an easy to use, quick to deploy and because it is in the cloud it is affordable to even the smallest businesses.

And because it is part of the Microsoft family of business software, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, combined with the powerful features of Microsoft Excel, transforms transactional data into predictive reports that include analysis to help your people identify future cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.  When you bring you entire organization together on a single system, it is easy to quickly produce reports and analysis with a 360-degree view across brands and entities for better management, future planning and real-time decision making that fuels growth.

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