More than just a QuickBooks Alternative

Getting the right software and knowing how to use it can level the playing field for small businesses.

36389591_lThe world is speeding up and so is business.  Do you feel like your QuickBooks or QuickBooks alternative is no longer enough to support and drive growth?

Small businesses are the life blood of the U.S. economy, but the digital era has made it impossible to thrive in congested markets without embracing new technology.

There are about half a million business started each month, according Forbes, and even more businesses that close down each month.  Most of those that are successful are none employers, yet small businesses have hired 65-percent of the net new jobs since 1995.

Whether you have outgrown your entry level accounting solution or you just opened up shop, a simple to use enterprise solution that is affordable and delivers accounting, reporting and business intelligence could be the tool that helps you thrive with lower overhead and better margins than your competitors.

If you haven’t already discovered myGPcloud, it offers affordable monthly pricing for Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud, leveling the playing field for small businesses.  GP is more than just a QuickBooks alternative.  It is a powerful enterprise resource planning solution used by some of the fastest growing businesses in the country.  myGPcloud’s unique cloud based Dynamics GP is designed to get you up and running on your first day with the product.

Outgrowing QuickBooksWith hundreds of standard reports, pre-defined chart of accounts, tutorial videos and how-to’s, myGPclouds familiar Microsoft interface will be easy to use and setup.  Plus you can connect it to Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics CRM for a complete business management package.

Start a trial today to see how myGPcloud can work for your business.

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