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Small Business cloud software is changing everythingSmall business cloud software workingSmall businesses thrive on their ability to deliver more personal customer service than their larger competitors, and in this digital age that means embracing customer-centric technology and new ways of working, using cloud computing and mobility for example.

“You could argue that nowhere is technology more important and having a profound effect than in the small and mid-size business space,” said Wayne Morris, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Business Solutions at the recent Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2015 conference in Atlanta.  “Cloud and mobility are completely redefining the technology landscape for SMBs, what was once too complex, too difficult, to expensive is now made possible and accessible to SMBs.”

Small business cloud software allows SMBs to market in a more personal manner and empower sales people with social insights and other critical data to deliver customer care across multiple channels

“Being a very small company in a small territory, they perceive us as a national organization,” said Ken Kelly, President of Kelly Roofing in a Convergence 2015 interview.  “We’re a very mobile company as you can imagine.  We’re always out in the field working on homes and businesses, and we just couldn’t be tied to the office.”

With a Microsoft Dynamics Solution in place at Kelly Roofing, automated notifications are triggered to begin preliminary processes immediately after the bid is won, streamlining each job from start to finish.  As projects can be tracked in real-time using Microsoft Dynamics in cloud, the customer service team with Kelly roofing is able to contact clients and notify them at each stage of a project. “They are so impressed with that level of communication, because we use the cloud,” Said Kelly.

See the video of Convergence 2015 Small Business Cloud Software discussion

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