Forward looking Data Insights for Manufacturing – Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics

Manufacturing accounting software in the cloud from myGPcloud delivers data insights for forward looking decision making.

data insights for manufacturing on a tabletMaybe you have outgrown your basic accounting software or homegrown spreadsheet accounting practices, or maybe you are a new business that wants to skip the entry-level accounting and start with a simple-to-use enterprise resource planning solution.  Whatever the case may be, choosing the right IT cloud package to manage your manufacturing operation is no small endeavor.  To help you learn a little bit more about Microsoft Dynamics ERP while you search, we created a blog series to illustrate why some businesses choose Dynamics.  In this special installment in the series we decided to highlight the manufacturing industry and we will be discussing how myGPcloud and Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you gain more value out of your data.

Before we move on, here are the other subjects featured in the original series.

Forward Looking Data Insight for Manufacturing – Keep your eyes on the road ahead

Are you currently tracking inventory, sales and finances in multiple systems, wasting time and resources with redundant data entry and slow, outdated software?  Are you confident that the planning and decisions you make are based on accurate real-time data?  During your next audit, will you be able to simply and easily prepare proper reporting and documentation?  The world around us is accelerating with new technology and new regulations emerging all the time, it’s no longer enough to guide your business based on historical information and the numbers you keep in your head or in Excel.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP delivers a proactive and predictive solution with built-in workflows to automate processes and keep employees engaged and on task. What’s more, your manufacturing operation will have powerful embedded business intelligence tools that help transform data into insight. With the power of intelligent data just a click or tap away, your team is better equipped to help you plan for the future and avoid problems before they happen.

With compliance backstops and the power to take your manufacturing operation from start up through to large scale production, myGPcloud is an affordable solution that is easy to use and quick to deploy.

And because it is part of the Microsoft family of business software, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, combined with the powerful features of Microsoft Excel, transforms transactional data into predictive reports that include analysis to help your people identify future cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.  Not only that, your people will have greater insight into inventory and product margins for more tailored sales processes. The drill-down capabilities in a Dynamics solution provide deeper visibility into transactions and more detailed audit trails. myGPcloud can help you move forward with the confidence that the right people have the right information they need to help the business be successful.

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