Cloud Software for Retail Mom and Pops

While big box retailers are able to rest on their reputation, mom and pop shops must find new ways to stay competitive including adopting cloud software for retail.

81266993Well known big box retail chains are go-to stops for many shoppers, and smaller retailers have to come up with creative and innovative ways to connect with their customers on a personal level to stay competitive.  Cloud software for retail enables small and mid-sized business to harness the power of enterprise level technology without the financial burden of implementing an on premises system.

Furthermore, smaller organizations do not have the IT resources required to get a large scale enterprise system off the ground.

However with the right technology small retailers can engage and connect with customers more easily with customer relationship management. Combing accounting software with customer relationship software enables  retailers to create automated email marketing campaigns  and detailed customer information that can be accessed from anywhere.  Retailers can also keep their best customers engaged with integrated social media networking. You can learn more about integration on this integrated software solutions page.

With these solutions retailers can go one step further by leveraging social media to make connections with customers based on shopping history data.  Connecting with customer in a personal and meaningful way will encourage customers to increase brand recognition virally.

With a cloud based business management package from myGPcloud retailers can get up and running quickly with tools to track KPIs and gain insight into financials, supply chain and customer buying habits.  With integrated business intelligence and sophisticated analytics, retailers are better equipped to improve margins and raise the average total per ticket.

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