Support Future Technology Needs – Considerations for Choosing ERP 7

Choose a business solution that consistently delivers innovation and agility to adapt and support future technology needs.

When you’ve outgrown your entry-level accounting software, your new cloud based business management solution is going to radically shape the future of you company.  As the rate of change in business and technology speeds up, planning for the future is harder than it used to be.  That puts a lot of pressure on choosing a new business system.  To help alleviate some of that pressure we have created a checklist of top considerations for choosing ERP.  Each item on the checklist will be covered in its own blog post.  So far in the blog series we have covered six items from the checklist:

  1. Complete Business Management
  2. Cloud Software Options
  3. Best Cloud Provider for Your Needs
  4. Easy to Use Business Software
  5. Predictable Cost of Cloud Business Software
  6. Cloud Business Intelligence Capabilities

In this installment we will talk about the importance of choosing a solution and provider that can meet your needs today and provide the agility and ongoing innovation to support future technology needs.

While many competitively priced products seem to suit the software needs of today and look like they can probably help you run your business, will you be able to say the same in 2 years or even 10? As  economic conditions, competitive developments, or legislation changes, business will need new technologies as they emerge to keep up with changing demands.

Best practice is to choose a new business management solution from a vendor with a history of consistent product releases and technology advancements. In particular, choose a provider who:

The take-away: Work with an innovation leader that creates, refreshes, and reliably reinvests in their technology.

Join us for our next installment, when we’ll ask you to look carefully at how the solutions you’re considering will help you drive and support growth for your business.

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