Software to Grow your Business – Considerations for Choosing ERP 8

Choose business management software to grow your business by selecting a solution that delivers greater control, improved productivity and deeper insight.

26430562_lIf you are looking for a new enterprise resource planning solution, odds are your business is either just getting started, recently experienced considerable growth or you have outdated systems that no longer support growth.  Whatever the case you want a solution that is going to be adaptable and offer a variety tools to support growth. But finding a solution that suits your current needs and supports future expansion can be tricky, so we created a checklist of top considerations for choosing ERP.  Each item on the list is being covered in a blog post.  So far we have published articles on:

  1. Complete Business Management
  2. Cloud Software Options
  3. Best Cloud Provider for Your Needs
  4. Easy to Use Business Software
  5. Predictable Cost of Business Software
  6. Business Intelligence Capabilities
  7. Supporting Future Technology Needs

Now let’s take a look at the importance of choosing a solution that is designed to support and help you drive the growth of your business.

Software to Grow your Business

You are on the hunt for a new business management solution because your current systems are not able to scale to meet the growth you are planning.  Or maybe you’ve already seen rapid growth and your basic accounting solution is bogged down with too much data and too many users.  Maybe you can’t get reporting in the format you want or your security and compliance needs have changed.  Whatever the reason, your IT systems are hurting business and slowing down productivity when they should be streamlining operations and improving financial processes.

If your solution isn’t driving growth through greater operational control, improved productivity and deeper insight, then the solution is actually hindering growth and profits.

Greater Control:
You have added new lines of business and new operations at different sites, so you want a business solution that can be quickly and easily scaled to manage all entities, compare and keep tabs on each part of your business and offer multi-entity and multi-currency reporting.  As you grow, compliance and data security become more complicated, so you also want a solution and provider that supports compliance needs of all shapes and sizes.

Improved Productivity:
Sophisticated workflow management and anytime-anywhere access will help streamline operations across your business. Cut down on manual data entry and increase inventory turns.

Deeper Insight:
With convenient 24/7 access to accurate information you will see improved forecasting and your team will be better equipped to close deals, anticipate market demands and reduce inventory for lower overhead. Better information and improved access support the collaborative and informed decisions that drive growth.


Customer Success Story:

Dr. Miracle’s, a New York based manufacturer of ethnic personal-care products,  has 32 employees and offers more than 25 products with several different product lines and brands.  With growing popularity and rapid expansion, the company outgrew its QuickBooks accounting software and required a comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution.  With a cloud based Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft’s most scalable ERP, the company has gained comprehensive business insight, enhanced its control over operations, and improved customer relationships with retailers ranging from mass-merchant stores to local, single proprietor beauty and barbershops.

Check back soon for the final post in this blog series where we’ll the importance of testing the solutions you’re evaluating to help you reduce business risk.

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