Simple ERP Selection Checklist – Considerations for Choosing ERP in the Cloud

26838155_lWhen choosing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, your decisions will have lasting consequences for your organization’s growth and profitability, so it is no small task. And there is a good deal of risk involved.  To help you minimize that risk and move forward with confidence in your ERP decision, we have created this simple ERP selection checklist.  For in-depth reading, each item on the list has been featured in a blog seires we recently published, Top Considerations for Choosing ERP.  Follow the links below to dive deeper into each topic.

Here is your Simple ERP Selection Checklist:

Complete Business Management in the CloudCheck.png
Choose a provider that can offer a portfolio of apps and optional integration to reporting and intelligence tools that span your business processes on a user friendly interface that inspires your people and your customers. Easily scale the solution with flexible, affordable monthly pricing.

Check.pngCloud Software Options
You never know what the coming years will bring, and you want to minimize any potential hazards in the future; you need the ability to keep control of your data and easily move and scale your system as your needs change.

Check.pngBest Cloud Provider for Your Needs
To ensure that you select the best cloud provider for your business solution, look into your provider’s record on quality of service after the sale and a satisfied customer base.

Check.pngEasy to use Business Software
When you give your people the technology tools they need to deliver their best performance it not only helps your company grow, it enhances employee job satisfaction and saves you money in the long run.

Check.pngPredictable Cost of Cloud Business Software
The right business software solution helps businesses reduce risk and increase ROI by helping them avoid unplanned cost increases.

Check.pngCloud Business Intelligence Capabilities
Cloud business intelligence and analytics in the cloud improve access and help small businesses grow, cut costs and improve forecasting with pricing they can afford.

Check.pngSupport Future Technology Needs
Choose a business solution that consistently delivers innovation and agility to adapt and support future technology needs.

Check.pngSoftware to Grow your Business
Choose business management software that supports growth by selecting a solution that delivers greater control, agility and scalability, improved productivity and deeper insight.

Check.pngBusiness Risk Management
The right business risk management toolset can help you avoid four major types of risk that exist in business: Core Risk, Surprise Risk, Compliance Risk and even Implementation Risk.

We hope this blog series and simple checklist for ERP selection has helped you in your decision making process.

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