Predictable Cost of Cloud Business Software – Considerations for Choosing ERP 5

The right business software solution helps businesses reduce risk and increase ROI by helping them avoid unplanned cost increases.


When choosing a new enterprise resource planning solution, your goal is to minimize risk and maximize return on investment. To help you move through your selection process more deliberately and methodically, we have created a checklist of the top considerations for choosing ERP. We are highlighting each point in a blog series, covering one topic per post.  So far we have covered:

  1. Complete Business Management
  2. Cloud Software Options
  3. Best Cloud Provider for Your Needs
  4. Easy to Use Business Software


In this installment we will talk about the importance of predictable cost of cloud business software.

Predictable cost with business software helps you reduce risk

If your revenue sees seasonal fluctuation then paying unpredictable costs for IT systems creates a higher degree of risk.  If you are a start-up or growing your revenue base in a new market, the risk of hidden fees and unpredictable costs is amplified. With the right systems you should not have to worry about unpredictable IT-related costs for deployment, operation, scaling, maintenance, and upgrading.

Predictable monthly pricing is one of the main drivers behind adoption of cloud, so rule-out companies that don’t include upgrades, maintenance, and updates in their pricing structure. And be mindful early discounts that that increase in a year.

A business solution from myGPcloud offers cost predictability you can count on

With fewer surprises you can budget ongoing expenses more accurately and with more confidence, and your business is shielded from disruptive, even dangerous, cost fluctuations.

It’s critical for you to learn what the costs will be for implementation services, maintenance fees, training, and upgrades. In many cases, just getting an ERP system up and running is very costly, and often comes with many surprises and risks.  Because myGPcloud is easy to set up, you reduce the need for in-house IT staff and external technical support resources, especially since myGPcloud offers guided walk-througsh and video demonstrations to help all of its users learn the system and set it up.  This greatly reduces the risk of failure, and gets you up and running fast without unexpected costs or fees.

Customer Success Story

Small and midsize organizations around the world trust business solutions from Microsoft to help them predict and manage costs in all kinds of situations, both today and in the future. See how one such company improved its bottom line by bringing cost predictability back into the picture.

SpectrumArt Corporation

“As soon as I realized there was a small business financial solution from Microsoft, I stopped looking at the alternatives.” – Maureen Hosey, Vice President

Needs Benefits
  • Avoid subscription costs that rise even if sales decline.
  • Reduce fixed costs to improve the bottom line.
  • Enhance business processes and strengthen business management capabilities.
  • Achieve cost predictability.
  • Cost of hosted solution relates to business activity.
  • $10,000 savings adds 2 percent to bottom line or frees cash for other uses.
  • Improved processes/tools for order management, invoicing, commission calculation, inventory management, and reporting.
  • Hosted solution offers greater cost predictability.
  • Confidence in Microsoft adds confidence in future cost predictability.


Join us the next installment in the series, when we’ll take a look at choosing a business management solution that enables improved planning and forecasting.

Learn more about a business solution from Microsoft: Take a product test drive, or just read more about our solutions.

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