Easy to Use Business Software – Considerations for Choosing ERP 4

Easy to use business software empowers people to do their best work and saves money.

33933273_lYour new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is going to be the data-powered engine at the heart of your organization, so you will need to carefully consider your options before you commit to product. To help you evaluate the various ERP products and vendors we’ve created a checklist of top considerations for choosing ERP which we will be exploring in a blog series.  Each post in the series will cover one topic on the checklist. So far, the considerations we’ve covered include:

  1. Complete Business Management
  2. Cloud Software Options
  3. Best Cloud Provider for Your Needs

In this installment we will take a look at the importance of easy to use business software. When you give your people the technology tools they need to deliver their best performance it not only helps your company grow, it enhances employee job satisfaction.

Choose user friendly business software

This sounds pretty obvious but take the time to examine ease-of-use from four different perspectives.  Ease of use may be more important than you think.

Individual User: Your people have become so well accustomed to interfacing with intuitive applications like Facebook and Microsoft Office.  These days nobody, especially not millenials, has to be taught how to use these apps. A comprehensive business management solution will never be as simple as social media, but good software will offer an intuitive enough user experience to eliminate extensive training time and costs—and accelerate adoption. Your people get up to speed faster, and their productivity and efficiency accelerate your return on investment.

Business Wide Functionality: Your entry level acconting solution may be helpful in the financial department, but what if your solution could extend ease of use to all parts of the operation: Sales in the office or sales in the field. Manufacturing, accounting and distribution, and all geographic locations can receive consistent user-friendly experience that helps everyone communicate and collaborate better, meet deadlines, and make the best decisions.

Simple Sign-on: The ability to launch part or all of a business management solution directly from a web browser opens additional ease-of-use opportunities: easier access for field employees and telecommuters, works on multiple devices and any time anywhere access.  This will improve efficiency and improve adoption by allowing employees to leverage the devices that prefer.

Easily Maintained: With an on-demand cloud based business systems, upgrades and maintenance should be included and you should expext the solution to be easily scaled. Off-loading these workloads frees you and your people to focus on taking your business to new levels. The right choice for you will also work with other software your company already uses including Office products like Excel and Word.

Get complete business management in the cloud

Your people probably work with productivity tools like Microsoft Word to create forms or Microsoft Excel to analyze data. All of these products share the Windows platform, and they present a familiar look and feel to users. Choosing a business management solution that works like and with these productivity tools and products unlocks a new potential for your employees to do more

Check out this video demo to see how Microsoft Dynamics GP from myGPcloud works with O365.

Don’t miss our next post in the series in which we will discuss the importance of cost predictability in a new business management system.

Learn more about a business solution from Microsoft: Take a product test drive, or just read more about our solutions.

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