Cloud Business Intelligence Capabilities – Considerations for Choosing ERP 6

Cloud business intelligence capabilities help small businesses grow, cut costs and improve forecasting.


Selecting new enterprise resource planning software is often seen as a necessary evil, but it should really be seen as an opportunity to bring your business into a 21st century technology system.  With a modern cloud accounting solution you can improve operational control, boost your people’s productivity, and gain new insight to take your business forward confidently. Still, we thought we’d make the selection process a little easier by creating a checklist of top considerations for choosing ERP.  We’re examining each one of the items on the checklist in its own blog post. So far, we’ve discussed:

  1. Complete Business Management
  2. Cloud Software Options
  3. Best Cloud Provider for Your Needs
  4. Easy to Use Business Software
  5. Predictable Cost of Cloud Business Software

In this installment, we will look at the importance of cloud business intelligence capabilities to help you uncover insights that help you grow through better planning and forecasting.

Hindsight is always twenty-twenty.  You need twenty-twenty foresight.

When it comes to auditing, reporting and compliance, accurate historical data with audit trail documentation is essential. But to keep your business moving forward you need a business management solution that includes business intelligence and analytical tools that turn your historical information into actionable insights to help you:

Trim costs and avoid future cost escalations
Proactively examine sales by product, store, or promotional offer, for example. Areas with poor performance and high cost can then be addressed through data driven decisions and best practices that reach across your entire organization.

Discover opportunities to grow
Compare key performance indicators (KPIs) by geography, product line, manufacturer, or distributor, and create data models based on different scenarios and invest in the opportunities that look most promising.

Solve problems quickly, or prevent them from occurring in the first place
When your high-priority customers have large orders at the last minute and your normal distributor doesn’t have the necessary parts or materials, you need to be able to quickly identify new vendor options, connect with other suppliers to fulfill the sale and exceed your customer’s expectations. And you can prevent future problems when you are able to proactively respond to new competitive threats, changing market conditions, or underperforming business partners before the competition can react.

A business solution from myGPcloud helps you gain forward-looking insight.

A Microsoft Dynamics GP solution in the cloud from myGPcloud helps you transform form your data and extract insights that enable you to steer your business with confidence. Bring all parts of your business together on a unified system, and you gain improved visibility and greater control. A business solution from myGPcloud also boosts your people’s productivity with built-in workflows and connections to Microsoft Office and Dynamics CRM. It works the way other Microsoft products work, so your people can create, modify, and run reports with little or no additional training or license costs.

Join us for our next installment, in which we will discuss the importance of choosing a vendor with a history of innovation.

Learn more about a business solution from Microsoft: Take a product test drive, or read more about our solutions.

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