How Santa Could Use Cloud Computing

It’s hard to turn a profit at the North Pole, maybe impossible.  So it would make sense that Santa’s Workshop would be a Non-Profit, even if there is no North Pole tax board to worry about.  But in order to operate with the kind of high efficiency that he does, Santa probably leverages a cloud based management system to handle everything from supply chain, production, planning and forecasting, and Naughty or Nice (NoN) Compliance.


With a cloud accounting and management solution that is accessible from a web browser, Chief Executive Elves like Santa would be able to access the system from any device, at any time.  This enables him to access real-time NoN data so he can be confident that order fulfillment is accurate down to the last chimney.

Easy to Deploy and Learn

Whether you are a Chief Financial Elf with basic IT skills or a Chief Information Elf teaming up with an entire accounting department, an online business management solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP will have you running your new system in minutes with simple set-up so you don’t need a consultant’s help.  And with a familiar Microsoft interface, how-to videos and guided walk-through’s, myGPcloud makes it easy for any elf to learn the software.

Cost Savings

The economy may be recovering, but times are still tough everywhere.  That includes the North Pole, and when you are in a market where the primary source of power is Holiday Spirit, running an enterprise resource planning solution on an in-house server is too costly.


Santa’s operation adds new meaning to the phrase seasonal business.  With fluctuations like his, Santa could use a the convenient per-user monthly pricing of a myGPcloud solution.  With this pricing model it would be easier for him to scale staff up during all those months of production, and scale back down during the New Year lull.

As the world globalizes and Santa’s market expands, his operations are facing increased complexity and an unprecedented demand for connectivity and data immediacy.  In these rapidly changing times Santa could use cloud computing to streamline his operation and stay current with technology trends.

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