Mobilized Workforce a Competitive Necessity

Employees across the US say better technology is the third most important factor in improving their working life in 2015, according to an article at  Second and first were cited as better balance between work and personal life and a raise or promotion, respectively.   As more CIOs than ever are working toward a mobilized workforce, they will meet this employee demand for better technology with tablets, smartphones and mobile apps for enterprise.

Better tools for collaborations and communications were cited by American businesses as the top priority for improving efficiency over the next year.  These two trends point toward the demand for an interactive virtual office where employees, partners and customers can interact from anywhere on the globe.

With solutions like Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Office 365 now accessible from any device via a web browser and with connections to social media, organizations that leverage these technologies will be able to access real-time data, collaborate with co-workers and manage customer service using a mobile device in the field, at home or in the office.

This creates a much more efficient environment for customer service and closing deals, and businesses have already caught on to the benefits of a mobilized workforce.

As the mobile revolution continues to advance, having a mobilized workforce with real-time access to data will no longer be a competitive advantage by the end of 2015.  It will be a competitive necessity as 2015 will see four times as many mobile optimized applications on the market than what was seen this year, according to IDC research.

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