Mobile First and the Decline of Desktop PC

While the use of mobile devices and wearables rises, the decline of desktop PC usage accelerates.


As the mobile device market continues to mature, users will rely less on their desktop PCs to perform daily tasks, accoring to a recent Gartner report.

The decline of desktop PC usage will create enormous impact on business and technology decisions over the coming years as organizations adopt cloud based business management solutions to perform mission critical tasks and deliver reports.

“The use pattern that has emerged for nearly all consumers, based on device accessibility, is the smartphone first as a device that is carried when mobile, followed by the tablet that is used for longer sessions, with the PC increasingly reserved for more-complex tasks,” said Gartner’s research vice president, Van Baker. “This behavior will adapt to incorporate wearables as they become widely available for users. As voice, gesture and other modalities grow in popularity with consumers, and as content consumption tasks outweigh content creation tasks, this will further move users away from the PC.”

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Wearable technologies have become a priority for 68 percent of business and IT decision makers, according to a Forrester survey.

“This isn’t about hardware. Instead, forward-looking companies in all industries are creating innovative services — often served by entirely new business models — that reach people in mobile moments of need,” said Forrester.

Outgrowing QuickBooksThe healthcare and life sciences industry presents a prime example of how mobility and wearables are creating new processes.  Wearables are now available that track vital health data which can aid diagnostics and treatment, and in moments of need, automatically alert emergency response organizations.

Of course, as data becomes more personal and heavily regulated industries adopt the technology, security and compliance to regulations will be a critical factor in selecting cloud service providers.

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