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Mobile First and the Decline of Desktop PC

While the use of mobile devices and wearables rises, the decline of desktop PC usage accelerates.   As the mobile device market continues to mature, users will rely less on their desktop PCs to perform daily tasks, accoring to a recent Gartner report. The decline of desktop PC usage will create enormous impact on business and technology decisions […]

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How Santa Could Use Cloud Computing

It’s hard to turn a profit at the North Pole, maybe impossible.  So it would make sense that Santa’s Workshop would be a Non-Profit, even if there is no North Pole tax board to worry about.  But in order to operate with the kind of high efficiency that he does, Santa probably leverages a cloud […]

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Mobilized Workforce a Competitive Necessity

Employees across the US say better technology is the third most important factor in improving their working life in 2015, according to an article at  Second and first were cited as better balance between work and personal life and a raise or promotion, respectively.   As more CIOs than ever are working toward a mobilized […]

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Data Security Problems Start with People

While numerous studies have shown cloud based business management systems to be more secure than those that are implemented and housed on premises, the biggest data security problems in the cloud come from employees unintentionally exposing data, according to a recent article at Seventy-five percent of survey respondents said that employee education is the most […]

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