Transition to Cloud for Dynamics GP Customers

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a popular choice among small and mid-size businesses, but now that cloud computing has gone mainstream many organizations have questions about the transition to cloud for Dynamics GP customers.

A recent article at identified five barriers to transitioning to cloud.

  1. Integrating with Existing Systems
  2. Changing Company Culture
  3. Choosing the Right Cloud Vendor
  4. Avoiding Vendor Lock-In
  5. Improving Cloud Security

While myGPcloud’s Dynamics GP does not integrate to homegrown business solutions, it does connect to Excel, Word and other Office products.  But more importantly for existing Dynamics GP customers, it is still Dynamics GP so porting your data over is simple and fast.

Changing company culture is part of any new system implementation.  However, for organizations which are already on Dynamics GP, this need for change can be minimized by simply choosing a Dynamics GP cloud solution.   With improved access and device freedom, employees will be able to hit the ground running with myGPcloud.

Choosing the right cloud vendor to fit your specific needs can be a challenge.  However myGPcloud deploys industry leading service and partners with local Dynamics GP consultants across the country to ensure that industry and market needs can be satisfied.

While it may be true that many cloud solutions don’t offer enough flexibility to transition data to a different system if the customers is not satisfied, Dynamics GP customers can easily transition back into on premise or hybrid deployments without major disruption to their business, helping them avoid vendor lock-in.

Improving security in the cloud sounds counter intuitive to many GP users who have yet to transition to the cloud.  However, myGPcloud is powered  by RoseASP Hosted ERP, the 2014 Microsoft Dynamics SMB Cloud Partner of the Year.  RoseASP’s award winning team is 100 percent dedicated to deliver secure cloud based ERP, with an emphasis on service, security and compliance.  The RoseASP team can offer the highest levels of data security available in the cloud or on-premises.

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