Self Service Benefits Functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

In an age of internet banking, shopping and trading, employees have grown accustomed to being able to access and manage their personal finances from any device.  With this trend, employers stand to greatly improve their employee satisfaction by offering employee pay and benefits portals.  The self service benefits functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, due to be released in a few months, has made it even easier for employees to check the status of their benefits.

The self service benefits functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 will offer an improved and streamlined process for employees to manage their personal finances.

The new Benefits View window allows employees to simply and automatically view their benefits in progress, including employee contributions and employer contributions. An option for All or Active allows employees to view what they are assigned as well as all benefits available.

self service benefits in mircorosft dynamics gp 2015

Streamlining the way employees access their benefits information, can save HR departments countless hours, reduce the risk of errors and help to bolster employee satisfaction and confidence in the company.

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