Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Project Expense Reporting Entry

Project and job based organizations work in an industry where timing is everything, so spending time manually re-entering project expenses between systems just to get reporting in the format you need can be costly.  Using outdated systems to create and manage expense reports takes to much time and can increase the risk of costly errors.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP from myGPcloud project expense reporting is streamlined, automated and easy to use.  The new release of GP is due to come out soon and the Dynamics GP 2015 project expense stools make it simpler than ever to do project expense reporting.

Project Employee Expense Entry

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 project expense reporting lets your project accounting team create expense reports for all of projects to which they are assigned. Employees can also be set up to allow delegates to enter expense reports on their behalf.

Workflow approvals and task assignments are defined for expense reports.  Conveniently, workflow actions are executed on the documents from the Expense Entry window or from the Navigation lists.



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