Dynamics GP 2015 Receivables Batch Approval

As business organizations begin to grow they start to feel the drawbacks commonly associated with outgrowing basic accounting software.  Accounts payable and accounts receivable are common bottle neck areas where growing organizations get bogged down with manual processes and errors.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is a great fit for management software for growing businesses and provides automated workflow functionality for receivables and payables. We recently blogged about new payables functionality  enhancements to be introduced in Microsoft Dynamic GP 2015, set for release by the end of 2014, and now we’d like to talk about the Dynamics GP 2015 receivables batch approval enhancements.

The added functionality of Dynamics GP 2015 Receivables Batch Approval will allow users to control the processing of Receivables batches in a more streamlined fashion.Dynamics gp 2015 receivables batch approval

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Receivables Batch Approval gives users the ability to create workflow processes that will need to be completed prior to defined document processes.  Workflow status appears directly in the window so actions can be taken right from those windows, an email or a navigation list.

At myGPcloud we are looking for to all of the exciting new feature enhancements and added functionality in Dynamics GP 2015, and we will be writing more blogs to highlight some of the new GP 2015 features to watch out for.  So keep an eye on our blog for more updates.

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