Switching from Entry Level Accounting to ERP

When starting out, many businesses opt for an entry level accounting software to get their organization off the ground.  But eventually successful businesses find that the product they chose for accounting software is unable to support all the processes they need.  Inevitably the software stops meeting their needs and starts costing time and resources due to inefficiency.  Below are three examples of businesses that experienced major benefits switching from entry level accounting to ERP in the cloud.

Wholesale Distributor Moves from NetSuite to GP in the Cloud
SpectrumArt creates lithographs of original art and photography to sell to framers and wholesalers that sell to retailers. After becoming dissatisfied with the cost-to-value ratio provided by NetSuite, SpectrumArt made the switch to a cloud based version of Microsoft Dynamics GP and not only saved $200 per week they were able to see significant gains in productivity, order processing and inventory management.

“I work at home,” said Maureen Hosey, Vice President SpectrumArt Corporation. “And sometimes my schedule is pretty erratic. When I’m working at 4:00 am and need help with something, they’re there. If I have a problem, I just pick up the phone, and there’s no longer a problem.”

Non Profit Gains Functionality Moving from QuickBooks to Dynamics GP in the Cloud
After reopening in a new and improved location, the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City needed more functionality than its QuickBooks instance was able to provide.

“We wanted to be ready with a robust financial management solution that would let us record and manage revenue, perform proper depreciations, manage fixed assets, and work effectively within a complex fund-accounting structure,” Connie Silverman, Controller, Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. “We also needed the reporting capabilities to ensure our compliance, in terms of proper payment of taxes, grant management, bond financing, providing informational returns, and general transparency of our financial practices.”

Publishing Company Gains Flexibility Moving from NetSuite to GP in the Cloud
After growing into new market segments while adjusting to drastic industry changes UMI (Urban Ministries Inc.), a leading publisher serving African-American churches and consumers, needed improved ability to meet changing demand and neither NetSuite nor its legacy ERP software could deliver.

“Our business is going through a revolution caused by new, breakthrough technologies and digital content delivery channels that find rapid adoption,” said C. Jeffrey Wright, CEO of UMI. “At the same time, we also support another demographic that prefers print media. We were in need of a robust technology solution that would help us serve all of our consumers and institutional customers, track the relationships between millions of people and their churches, customize marketing and products for our audiences, and help our select business partners connect with the right market segments.”

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