Cloud Based Business Solutions Sharpen Competitive Edge

With the rapid technology advancements and ever changing market demands of the past decade, agility has become an increasingly valuable trait.  Transitioning to cloud is often a top initiative aimed at improving efficiency and agility.

For starters, cloud based business solutions are more easily scaled than their on premise counterparts allowing businesses to run lean payroll in the off season and easily add users during the busy season with monthly pricing models.

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Cloud based business solutions providers like myGPcloud offer automatic software updates so that users can stay up to date with the latest technology advancements without incurring the maintenance and upgrade fees.  Not to mention cloud business users are able avoid complex IT processes often associated with upgrades and software installations.

About 70 percent of cloud users say they have seen their competitive advantage improve since moving to the cloud according to research from the Harvard Business Review and Verizon Enterprise Soltuions.

Business Agility in the Cloud from Verizon Enterprise Solutions

About 67 percent of survey respondents also reported that the cloud saved them money.

Savings is one of the primary drivers for adopting cloud based business solutions.  Organizations who choose the cloud save on initial implementation costs, hardware and server costs, IT payroll and maintenance and licensing fees.

“While cloud computing can help companies operate more efficiently the real benefit comes from being able to capitalize on new opportunities more quickly than your competitors,” the study said.

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