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Non Profit Financial Reporting Made Simple in the Cloud

When non profit financial reporting becomes too complicated with Excel and entry level accounting software, charitable organizations often waste valuable time and resources trying to get the reports in the format they want, and month end closings become a headache and a drain on the organizations.  Unfortunately, limited resources make full scale enterprise management software […]

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Cloud Based Manufacturing Software Revitalizes Operations

These days, manufacturers everywhere are looking for ways to cut costs and improve efficiency.  Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can certainly streamline operations, but many manufacturers don’t have the resources to deploy with the risks, costs commonly associated with ERP implementation.  Fairbault Woolen Mills, a 143-year-old manufacturing company reopened its doors in 2011 with a […]

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Switching from Entry Level Accounting to ERP

When starting out, many businesses opt for an entry level accounting software to get their organization off the ground.  But eventually successful businesses find that the product they chose for accounting software is unable to support all the processes they need.  Inevitably the software stops meeting their needs and starts costing time and resources due […]

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Modern Workspace with Cloud Based Business Solutions

It is impressive how quickly cloud computing is becoming the standard for software delivery, data storage and many other IT activities.  As businesses around the world are rapidly adopting cloud based business solutions, the ways offices look and operate are shifting significantly. Recent research published at CloudTech reveals six ways that the cloud has transformed […]

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