Scalable ERP System for Rapid Growth – Video Case Study

In order facilitate rapid growth, small and mid-sized organization need a scalable ERP system that is easy to deploy for accounting and other basic function to start, but the system has to have the power to accommodate new departments, growing staff and new lines of business.

Batteries Plus Bulbs experienced rapid growth and needed a scalable ERP system to accommodate the increase in locations and transactions.

“We’ve grown from when I started here in 2003 from being just a little over 200 stores to 600 stores,” said Craig Cooper, CFO, Batteries Plus Bulbs.  “Our system sales have grown likewise from about $12 million worth of product to over $175 million in the year ahead.”

This video case study below shows why they chose Microsoft Dynamics GP as their scalable ERP system.

“We’ll continue to expand to be more of a national brand at some point probably going international with our retail organization,” said Dan Dugan, Director of application services, Batteries Plus Bulbs.  “We’re gonna need Dynamics GP right there with us.”

Founded in 1988 reselling car batteries out of a single store, Batteries Plus Bulbs is now one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing battery and light bulb retailers with more than 600 locations across the U.S. Based in Hartland, Wisconsin, Microsoft Dynamics GP as the ERP  has been “backbone” of the company’s operations throughout its growth and how it expanded beyond financials, operations and inventory management to include empowering call center workers with real-time customer information. Batteries Plus Bulbs is also leveraging the field service module in Microsoft Dynamics GP to start a new line of business around device repair.


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